Links of Joy

We made it to Wednesday! Halfway through the week seems like the perfect time for some of the things that have been making me smile and inspiring me this week.

ListeningNo Prejudice by Pollaponk

First up is Pollapönk, Iceland’s entrants into the Eurovision Song Contest, with their song ‘No Prejudice’. My first thought when I saw them was ‘they’re the Icelandic Bearded Wiggles’- and it turns out I was right! The name, from what I can gather, means ‘boy-punk’. Not only are the two founders of the band both pre-school teachers, they describe the intent of their music as being able to be enjoyed by children and their families. Their first album (says Wikipedia) was actually their final-year project for their teaching degrees. And the guy with the epic beard wearing purple who’s singing backup? He’s a member of the Icelandic Parliament! “We got to get together on this, cross this problem off our list” seems especially resonant given the post I made yesterday.

(If you haven’t caught Conchita Wurst, the Eurovision winner, and her song ‘Rise like a Phoenix’, go look it up and watch that too. I’m including Pollaponk here because they deserve some love too.)

Reading: Riding the Wild Donkeys

This e-book by Leonie Dawson is gold. It’s also free, and quick to read. It’s about something I’ve often struggled with- getting things finished and out into the world.

Part of it is to do with letting go of the perfect vision you have in your mind. I’m not saying that for some projects, striving for perfection (ripping back that inch of knitting that went wrong, unpicking the seam that didn’t work out right, or just plain undoing the whole thing and starting over) isn’t a good thing. I love getting a beautiful finish on projects. BUT for creative ideas, often the best approach is to grab them and ride them until they’re done- maybe they’re not how you originally envisioned them- and lets face it, how many creative projects ever are?- but they’re done, they’re set free, and you can move on.

Some other links that have made me grin:

Is this the most beautiful, crazy wedding ever? Quite probably. And I totally want to have a bad bridesmaid dress party.

I fully want to use these mystical fire crystals next time I’m at a Scout camp for the weekend and there’s a fire pit.

Cornify. So magical. So cheesy. So many unicorns and rainbows. It is to love! It is also like being back in the 90s. Oh, the sparkly sparkly gifs.


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