What can I say? This made me giggle. A chap in an Australian shopping precinct reads the Very Hungry Caterpillar in the style of a street preacher.

Reading: I just (like literally about 15 minutes ago) discovered, via Veronica Varlow, Alise in Wonderland, and it was food and reading lust at first sight. Compelling, dreamy, magical writing. Moving stories. Vegan recipes. I’m actually disappointed I’m not in front of a stove right now making Vixen burgers. VIXEN BURGERS. How could you not want to eat something with a name like that?

Giving: If like me you’re a bit too fond of art-nouveau comic book characters, check out the Atomic Tarot Kickstarter. Designed by a group of four women artists in Denver who are “interested in the intersection of science and the supernatural”, something about this just spoke to me. 

 And another random smile:

Times Tumblr raised serious questions about Harry Potter– this Buzzfeed article had a lot of my friends laughing until they cried. I especially like 23, 24 and 27.


One response to “Links of Joy- FOUR WHOLE STRAWBERRIES

  1. The buzzfeed article was awesome!

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