Links of Joy: In which Ellen likes many pretty things and cannot buy them all

I have a confession to make. I spend much longer looking at clothes on the internet than I probably should, given my desire to declutter. But I can’t resist! Just because I ogle them doesn’t mean I’m going to buy them all…Anyway, sometimes I like to talk about it. So I am.

Until the convention just gone I had a good excuse for eyeing up pretty dresses in the form of costuming Miss Piggy (who is a bombshell through and through) (I ended up scoring the Erin dress in Berry from Trade Me, though if I had insane money and could spend whatever I wanted on LARP costumes with no consequences in the form of, say, eating ramen noodles and only ramen noodles for the rest of my life, I would have got this pink lame confection.

This week, my friend Kara and I have been chatting online a fair bit and exchanging links to online pretties.  So without further ado, a few favourites.

Can we talk about this dress with fairytale castles on it? One could accessorise, if one was so inclined, with this sky blue aeroplane bag. But lets face it, I am ALL ABOUT this retro My Little Pony bag

I did actually buy this one- the Luscious dress with Neverland pirate skulls. Because pirates. And I love the colour. It was my treat to myself with my first paycheque on the new job. Yes, there will be photos when it arrives. Sadly it was out of stock in my size at Pinup Girl, but a Google search led me to…

Sourpuss Clothing. Who have, for example, this dress covered in krakens (KRAKENS)- which sadly is a halter top. It’s a style I love to look at but can’t wear. Halter necks drive me to distraction. Also this pirate dress (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. PIRATES.)

One day, I will get myself some jewellery from Jubly Umph. Though I would actually be tempted to get this All-Seeing Owl as a tattoo- and I wouldn’t be the first person to get a Jubly Umph design in ink. 

Finally, there’s Black Milk clothing and their interesting Disney collection. An Evil Queen from Snow White bomber jacket? Yes please. Sadly but unsurprisingly, the Ursula from the Little Mermaid one is sold out. 

What about you? Have you found pretties that you long to have in your wardrobe? Show me in the comments!


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