Monsterful Monday: In which I am a badass

New tattoo love

I got inked less than a week ago, and so far it’s healing up a treat. I’ve been using a very thin layer of Cetaphil moisturiser on the tattoo twice a day, refraining from picking the scab (I was so proud of myself), and it’s now mostly onto the shiny ‘onion skin’ phase. Yes, probably TMI. I’m grateful I had the courage to do it, and I love the results. I’ve also been pinning like mad onto my tattoo inspiration pinterest board. Now I just have to pick the right artist for the next ones I have planned. 

I’ll confess, though, this comment on the photo I posted of it in the Parlour group made me squeal with happiness.

Comment on my tattoo from Veronica Varlow herself! Excuse me while I freak out now.


Oh yeah. I’m a badass. Don Miguel Ruiz is right- our words can create magic in the lives of others. She called me a badass, and I’ve been feeling that way ever since I read the comment. Another thing to be grateful for- I need more badassery in my life (don’t we all?). 

Finding my feet

I’m slowly getting to know Auckland. Learning how at least some of the CBD fits together has been pretty positive, and I’m starting to find the good shops. Which is very dangerous, but I’m so happy to know shops like Rita Sue exist (even if I can already tell it’s not somewhere my bank balance can come out of unscathed.) I was very restrained on Saturday when I discovered it, but the Layrite pomade I allowed myself does good things for my fringe, so I’m a happy pinup bunny. I was impressed with the range of dresses (they stock all my go-to brands) and the hair tools, and, well, everything. Like I said, dangerous. I did however also find some great op-shops and places for snootling out LARP costume bits. 

Yes, snootling is a word. Because I said so. 

I’m grateful for learning a bit more about my new city, and grateful to my Best Beloved for braving a very rainy Saturday afternoon to explore Karangahape Road with me (and for him waiting patiently while I bounced around op shops and pinup shops squeeing with delight).

Little bits of love

Planning a girl’s night (dinner and Cards Against Humanity, I can’t wait!), hot tea, snuggles, freshly-laundered bedsheets, slowly getting my room sorted, Trade Me finds, Pinterest, being excited for friends, having my earphones at work (a week without music or podcasts? Not fun!), Grooveshark, Blogcademy homeschool and Parlour videos to listen to while at work.

How about you?



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