Links of joy: Inks of joy!

Yep, it’s a bunch of links about tatoos. What can I say? The one I got is healing up beautifully and I’m excited to get more.

If you’re considering one and it’s your first, you can read some tips on getting a tattoo from real tattoo artists. Pay attention to what they say about working with the artist.

Of course Gala Darling also wrote about how to get a great tattoo and although she’s since said she’s experienced some tattoo regret, I think that that idea of your tattoo having to mean something, other than just being beautiful? I don’t agree. Some really beautiful tattoos are art for art’s sake and there’s value in that too.  

Alli Woods Frederick of Kisses and Chaos wrote a post on 5 things you should know about tattoos and, like everything she writes, it’s good stuff. 

I stumbled across the awesome looking Things and Ink magazine quite by accident, and I already ordered two of the back issues. Artistic, with cultural content about tattoo history and current trends- It looks like it’ll be a fascinating read. Issues about identity, and celebration, and art? Yes please.

I arrived at Things and Ink via The Laughing Medusa’s blog, which has a whole load of “tattoo talks“- interviews with people who have them, or make them, even a laser removal technician

I’ll leave you with a non-tattoo related beauty link. This post from a blogger who found a bunch of her old Body Shop perfume oils brought back so many memories for me. I was an Ananya girl (because my Mum already took White Musk for herself). I can still remember the smell of their coconut perfume oil, and longing for the jasmine perfume because I read about it in Just Seventeen. Did anyone else frequent the perfume oil tester bar at the back of each Body Shop with the big glass tester bottles and their glass wands? Heaven. And dear God, I remember wanting Exclamation perfume, and owning a bottle of Tribe and adoring it. 


One response to “Links of joy: Inks of joy!

  1. Thank you for including me in your link love-y goodness. You made me smile while having a migraine – not an easy task to achieve. *wink* (and for the record, I totally agree that tattoos can just be art for art’s sake…several of mine were done on a whim while bored at work and I love them just as much as the one’s that have deep personal meaning.) ♥

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