Monsterful Monday against Humanity

It’s been a rather beautiful week.

On Tuesday, my new Shadowscapes tarot deck arrived, and I’m so glad I got the set with the book. In the introduction, Barbara Moore (whose name is popping up all over as I start to learn more about tarot) gave a simple exercise for connecting with the deck involving drawing a card and meditating on it. The meditation I did on the Empress card as a result was something really special, and in fact I’ve done the same thing with a different card from the deck each morning as my meditation practice (which I like to switch up from time to time). So good, and it’s teaching me a lot about the meaning behind different cards for me. There may be more on that to come in the future. 

On Thursday, my first-paycheck-treat, the Luscious dress in sky blue with pirate skulls (because pirate skulls!) arrived. I tried it on immediately and I think I meeped when I saw myself in the mirror. It’s super comfy t-shirt fabric (I love things you can just pull on and relax in, while still looking good), and has already gotten plenty of compliments. Hurray for a dress that makes me feel a million bucks!

Friday saw what I suspect will be the first of many Girls Nights with some of my Auckland girlfriends. Partly to get to know my ladies outside of LARP scenarios, we all got together for a potluck and Cards Against Humanity. Damn, but these women can cater! Slow-cooked beef stew, mexican lasagne, dauphinoise potatoes, pizza, cheese log, chocolate truffles, Margarita cupcakes (my offering), salad, passionfruit ice cream and several cheesecakes. As for Cards Against Humanity… “I never really understood menstrual rage until I discovered an M-16 assault rifle”. Yep. 

Saturday involved significant napping and snuggling (things I am always thankful for), and a trip to a sale by Paddywhack at which I spent more than I intended to on things like this elven throwing knife but my costume for the next big weekend game is coming together nicely. Then in the evening at a housewarming my friend L told me about Tragic Beautiful and if I wasn’t already saving up for my next tattoo (which I’m getting done by Nursey at Dr Morse Tattoo in Wellington- her enthusiasm and general awesomeness is something else I’m grateful for), you’d better believe I’d be buying this pink leopard print bedlinen just as soon as I had the money. 

Little things:

Tattoos and tribal bellydancing things on Pinterest (so many ideas), tea, awaiting fun things in the mail, being advised to lower my expectations (a weight off my shoulders!), friends who get as excited as I do about stuff I find on the internet, vanilla milkshakes and drive-thru enabling of my hash brown habit, deciding that the only way to better Mac and Cheese would be baking it in a pie, Cetaphil lotion (which is healing my first tattoo beautifully), super-badass sunscreen, and the prospect of a hair appointment on Wednesday (what can I say, I love head massages).

How about you? What are you grateful for this week? Let me know in the comments.


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