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Movin’ right along

Hi all,

If you’re one of my regular followers, there are three things you should know:
1) I think you’re awesome. Really. It means so much that there are people reading what I put out into the world. I hope you’ll keep coming back for more, and telling me what you want to see.

2) If you’ve been wondering ‘why no new posts this week?’, it’s because I have ,finally, gotten my ass into gear and shifted over to the shiny new self-hosted digs for A Small Aubergine.

The paint isn’t quite dry and I haven’t unpacked all the boxes, but I think it’s pretty damned great.┬áCome on over and join me, won’t you?

3) This blog will be going private soon- next Friday (to give folks a chance to see this and come join me at the new site).

See you at my beautiful new place!